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Since its foundation, the Foundation has a program successfully, "Help those in need."

The American charity gave assisted for the village Kalinov Starosamborskogo district, Lviv region during the floods of the river Dniester. Chulik Oksana are  chairman of village council  said about the effects of floods that occur almost every year:

August 20, 2011 Charity Foundation "New Galicia" gave assisted for Oksana  Belinska from  village Rakovets Lviv region, which is raising two children:













Mother of Ilya is 26 weeks pregnant ultrasound revealed the baby behind the growth of the thighs for about 2 weeks. All other measurements were normal. Ignatchuk Ilya was born 10/04/2003, the (weight 2.7 kg, 52 cm). On the second day after the birth of a child found two fractures is the left femur and right humerus. Doctors diagnosed - osteogenesis imperfecta (osteogenesis imperfecta). Ilya has experienced nearly 15 fractures, 10 of femoral fractures over 5 years. Over time, the frequency of fractures was reduced to two per year.

Currently, child 5 years old, 1 m 4 cm, weight 17 kg. A child moving and active. Now baby do not go (although in 2.5 years went about three months), mainly crawling, or riding on a children's tricycle.

11.12.2008, Ilya fell beside the couch and broke his right tibia (first time).

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