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 Charity Foundation "New Galicia" - non-governmental charity organization founded 14 August 1997.

Foundation is included in the Unified Register of Recipients of Humanitarian Affairs (protocol number 26/HD-9229 from 07.02.2003, registration number 01931YER), based on the decision of the Commission's Humanitarian Aid of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. Since its founding to the present day, the Foundation has made two permanent program, "Helping those in need" and "Help hospitals and other medical facilities."

The Foundation organizes "Week of Mercy" for the poor parishioners of Lviv together with servants of the church St. George's Cathedral every year on holiday "Christmas" and the Easter holidays in Lviv. Activities include prayer of the Liturgy, to distribute food, clothing and footwear.

Since March 2005, the Foundation has successfully implemented the program of education - "Education of the adult population as a key to sustainable development of society", which covers a number of key areas (law, ecology, medicine, the role of the community and its relations with the authorities ...).

Legal Department of the Foundation provides free legal assistance to the most vulnerable people (pensioners, invalids, children ...).

Foundation has implemented the program by providing legal assistance to graduates of secondary Vinnikovskogo sanatorium boarding school № 9 for children with small and inactive (phase damping) tuberculosis (g.Vinniki, Lviv region) from May 2011.These are children from single parent families. Among them there are many orphans and half orphans who enter adulthood meet, sometimes insurmountable difficulties for themselves. The Foundation has many years engaged by this school, is a Member of its Board of Trustees.

Foundation is actively working to prepare for implementation of the scale of his project - "Establishment of Medical Center of Diagnosis and Rehabilitation" in the last four years. It is very necessary to prevent disease and maintain health.

September 29th, 2011 at the regular session of the Lviv City Council will decide on the allocation of land for this facility.

Environmental Project: - "Cleaning of the River Zubra" was prepared by the Foundation during 2011. It will begin its implementation next year 2012. The river - an important artery of the city of Lviv, which is formed on the territory from three sources. Today, the river Zubra is very polluted and actively transformed into a drainage sewer ditch. Boat station and suburban beach operated on the banks of the river up to half of 1981. It was a favorite place of rest ...
Foundation has successfully carries out its statutory activities (programs and projects) through the fruitful cooperation with many foreign foundations ("Pfeiffersche Stiftungen", "GAD-Dresden", "Triumph des Herzens", "Ubler Transport" and the Association of Physicians clinics Myunhenga (Germany) "Ukrainian Federatuon of Amerika" (USA) and many other organizations.

Special thanks to father Roman Krawczyk. He are  the spiritual mentor of  Foundation and the Rector of St. George's Cathedral. He was always on time comes to help  to members (volunteers) of the Foundation through prayer and wise counsel in work and daily life.


President of the Charitable Fund "New Galicia", Vitaly Kopchun.