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Ivo Polulyakh dreamed to be the violinist-virtuoso. As a student he studied architecture in Lviv. His was arrested twice (the Polish authorities and NKVD). Ivo been able to be free again by using a revolt of prisoners in prison. Subsequently, Ivo was forced to emigrate. With 16 years - a member of the OUN.He worked in a military center of the main Ukrainian Liberation Council (UGVR). He was the chief editor of the "To Arms", the first referent foreign affairs  under Yaroslav Stetskove.  He was acquainted with Stepan Bandera. In  In 1943 he emigrated to Germany where he was actively engaged in social and political life of the Ukrainian liberation movement and at the same time he studied economics. A former member of the Military Center of the Foreign Mission of the main Ukrainian liberation Council (SP UGRV) and editor of its organ, "To arms". He was co-founder (ABN) of Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations  and his first assistant foreign relations. 
After graduating from the studio masters and doctoral examinations and worked as a professor of financial science and economic policy of the Ukrainian Free University and various German universities.
After the proclamation of Ukrainian independence, he has lectured in many Ukrainian university, what promotes Ukrainian-German relations in the fields of science, politics, economics and culture. As a representative of the German-Ukrainian scientific organizations, he  promotes a positive image of Ukraine abroad.
Currently, Ivo Polulyakh at age 91, doctor of economic sciences, the president of the Academic working range of "Ukraine" (Munich), co-founder and vice president of the International Ukrainian Economic Association (Kiev). Ivo born in Lviv Region (Hutorivka ), lives in Munich, although there is no Ukrainian or German citizenship, often comes to Ukraine and has his own view on the interpretation of history, at creating heroes.
In an interview on the website "Culture and Arts of Ukraine" to the question - Who is a hero for you in Ukrainian history?
He answered, this is Soviet tradition - to name the characters. Heroes make history, but the president does not determine their. To me a hero were: Mazeppa, Orlik, Sagaidachny. People who risked everything to liberate Ukraine. The tragic figure - Bohdan Khmelnytsky. Shukhevych fought against all expectations, fully aware that this fight is important. We must show to the world that the Ukrainian people are fighting and wants to be free, and no matter what we win this war or not. It seems Ostap Vishnya wrote a humorous story that Ukrainians - the people who likes to fight for freedom. We fought and fought and received freedom .. Now, the wise men, that sit in Kiev, discuss: for that we will now fight ? Then the wise elder and said, let's we will lose the freedom, and again we will have something to fight for. And this is our Ukrainian history, unfortunately.
The question: "Are people  belived in the opposition that Ukraine will be independent?". He gave the answer: - when I became an economist, I saw that there are reasons for  that, because the USSR had a very large external debts.And I have always believed, but did not knew If i will I be still alive. He believed that the dictatorship and violence against people can't go on forever,  that sooner or later people will rebel.
Ivo Polulyakh  with his tireless work is an example of hard work and dedication. At the end of 2010 was published his next scientific paper, "Economic Policy".  Already  ready for the press his new scientific work, "Main Economic Theory ( historical review) " in october 2011.

The video from the events of 2008. Ivo Polulyakh visited the grave of his parents. This place is in the village Cherhala of the Sambor area. Parents' graves are located near the church. In this church Ivo was baptized.