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The problems with confronting us


In November 2006, the Foundation has launched its most ambitious project to create a medical center of diagnosis and rehabilitation. With partners, the project was virisheno find land to build such a center. On the street of Ivan Franko was free land, which is best suited to create such an object. Petitioned to Lviv city council, the Fund was denied. Lviv Mayor Alexander Sadovy, in its response that provided information on the alleged plot by the Fund will be paired construction of cottages. Another appeal of the Fund in Lviv City Council did not give any result. Paired construction of cottages on 0.25 hectares of land was the dominant argument of Alexander Sadovy of the opportunity to receive free medical and diagnostic assistance to needy residents of our city.

February 12, 2009 Sihovsky district court granted the petition of Lviv of the Foundation to recognize the actions of the Department of Urban Development LGS illegal and ordered the architecture of LGS to give opinion on the preliminary approval of the choice of land. But the court's decision, and until today is not satisfied (?!). Unfortunately this is not the final court decision, which does not comply with the Lviv city council.