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The activities of our Foundation very closely connected with the Ukrainian Federation of America. ( (

Ukrainian Federation of America (UFA) was founded in 1991 as a nonprofit charitable organization for the preservation and strengthening of Ukrainian heritage in the United States and the development and implementation of humanitarian and educational programs for improving life of people who need it. Since its inception, UFA held a variety of humanitarian, medical, educational and social assistance programs in Ukraine and the USA. For years, UFA been renewed by the Program for the treatment of children who need specialized care in major medical centers in the U.S. on a free basis. Particular project, "Our Family" helps children in Ukraine, which suffer from multiple sclerosis. The "Kobzar Technology" provides computers orphans and underprivileged in Ukraine.
Society "Kobzar" is a nonprofit charitable organization. Thanks to Society "Kobzar" rehabilitated more than 1,000 computers for 130 secondary and primary schools, libraries, and orphanages in the towns and villages in 23 regions of Ukraine since 2000. UVA "Kobzar Technology" gave 206 computers and machines for kidney dialysis as humanitarian aid. Computers and machines for kidney dialysis should be distributed equally among the regions of Lviv and Rivne. UVA also donated three computers  for our Foundation. Sended 207 computers and 2 laptops (208 monitors) and 20 machines for dialysis. All things in good working condition (the degree of wear of not more than 25%). Vladimir Marushak is executive director of UVA.

Vera and Roman Andrechik maintain relationships Foundation "New Galicia" with the Ukrainian Federation of America. They are very active figures. Vera Andryczyk was awarded  for her tireless work for the benefit of the Ukrainian-American community May 13  2011.The cutting from weekly "Bridge" fully shows how the Vera  Andryczyk was honored by community as one of the founders of the UFA.

Roman Andreychik represents Ukrainian Federation of America. He came to Lviv in September 2011.
Roman Andreychik controls the distribution of humanitarian goods (computers) that came to poor families with children of Lvovsky and Ivano-Frankivsk regions. One of the computers Roman gave to the Department of Otorhinolaryngology Lviv National Medical University named Daniel of Galicia. The computer will contribute to improving the educational process of students.

Thanks to the effective cooperation with many foreign Foundations, the Foundation "New Galicia" has successfully conducts its statutory activities (programs and projects).
-  with German "Pfeiffersche Stiftungen" ( from the city of Magdeburg.( Chairman Christoph Radbruch.)
Charitable Foundation "Pfeiffersche Stiftungen" was founded by Gustav Adolf Pfeiffer in 1889. He was pastor of Magdeburg and  was the Inspector-Cracau home for street children and elderly dependents. And right now the members of Foundation continues the  basics Pfeiffer and supportive of the main ideas of the founder - love to  people and honor God.


-With  German "Gad-Dresden" (, the city Dresden. President "GAD-Dresden" Sylvia Restel.

-With“Triumph des Herzens” ( - The international humanitarian organization "Triumph of the heart." Father Rolf working in the organization of "Triumph of the heart" for over 10 years. It created a lot of social work. Father Rolf supports several charitable canteens, hospitals, rehabilitation centers for street children, drug addicts, day center for homeless children. Dozens of young people, thanks assistance of organization,  training every year at the University.


-With German "Ubler Transport" ( ). General  director Wolfgang Ubler. Representation in Ukraine at 79034 Lviv street  Heroes UPA 1a, Tel. / Fax: + 380 32 24 20 439.

With the Foundation "Remembrance, Responsibility and Future" - "Stiftung" Erinnerung, Verantwortung und Zukunft "(EVZ) ( Chairman is Martin Salma. In memory of the victims of National Socialist injustice The Foundation strengthens human rights and international understanding. The Foundation is a political and moral responsibility of government, economy and society for National Socialist injustice. Foundation was founded in 2000 in order to pay former forced laborers.


With Clinic Association of Munich (Germany). Irena Nagy - Chairman of the "Society of Otorhinolaryngology assist clinics in Lviv." Irena Nagy engaged in humanitarian, scientific and educational activities with the support of her husband, Laszlo Nagy. Cooperation with our Foundation and the couple Nagy continues and expands. Irena and Laszlo Nagy visited the Department of Otorhinolaryngology Lviv Medical University Daniel Galicia with another humanitarian mission in August 2011. They brought rhinoscope, audiometers, the review microscope videostroboskop, tools for the inspection, surgical care to patients and other medical products.


Lviv Regional public organization "Disabled Lviv region"Sinevir."Address: Lviv, Railway district, Str. Caucasian, 42. Head Paprotsky Christina Marianivna. Date of registration: 24.06.2004. Tel. / Fax: + 380 32 26 26 026.e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Type of activity: Public associations of social protection.Our Charitable Foundation is working with this organization on the project "Beekeeping - as means rehabilitation of disabled persons." Manager Alexander Platonov.