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Zubra River pollution and measures to clean it up (theme report).

Action Plan within the framework of "Clearing of the river Zubra".

Dear participants of the conference!

Charity Foundation "New Galicia" today wants to draw your attention to one of the problems of pollution by waste small water bodies, which unfortunately is duplicated in our city. The idea is that because of years of mismanagement became clear river Poltva into the gutter, but its fate follows the river today, the Zubra.

The riverbed of Zubra from street Hutorivka to the forest area of "Zubra" in the street Hg. Khotkevych runs open-collector, who in a given period of clogged waste (used tires, used plastic containers, pruning trees and shrubs, waste, etc.), resulting in slower currents. In addition, the river is polluted Bison constantly household human waste water from the sewer district, especially in the territory of the LCP Zhitlovik-C, and partly from the territory Hutoryvka and Finishes LLC ZHEP Stimulus Sykhiv and industrial pydpriemstv and organizations located in their territories. To this day, the LGS management of capital construction materials are not represented on the transfer of servicing external sewerage (rain and household), not an inventory of external sewer.

Do not clean the river bed and adjacent to the Zubra River area lead to the deterioration of sanitary and environmental conditions as the city itself Zubra, and the Dniester River.

According to laboratory studies of water quality in Zubra for the year 2002-2009 water does not meet the requirements of DSanPin 4630-88 "Sanitary rules and norms of surface waters from zabrunennya" within settlements, as the sanitary-microbiological and physico-chemical indicators - "waste water".

Conducted in 2005-2009, visual inspection of possible sources of contamination of Zubra, showed that the territory Zhitlovik LCP-C stormwater sewers get household human waste water , waste water and contaminated with oil products.

Based on this on the basis of Art. 7.41 Law of Ukraine "On the provision of sanitary and epidemic welfare of population", In our opinion, should offer the following activities:

1. Solve the problem of inventory and external networks of storm of household sewage in residential Sihovskom array, especially turitorii Zhitlovik LCP-C to identify sources of pollution, the Zubra and their transfer (external networks) to balance LGKP.

2. Carry out a reconciliation of data on wastewater discharges from industrial facilities located within the LCP Zhitlovik-C.

These and other measures for many years offering the Lviv City Council District Syhivskaya SES. In turn, the State ekoinspektsiya in Lviv region has repeatedly committed the Lviv City Council to face this urgent issue, but to solve the problem, none of the local officials did not start today. Little by little, the question turns into a threat to national security ...

If you go back into the recent past, almost to the mid 80s Bison river is clean. By region, there Zubrovskim reservoir, called Lake Pioneer. On weekends functioned rescue post a lot invested in this beach can rent boats. Fishing was free. It was a wonderful place for rest and rehabilitation residents. Today, our Foundation, with support from the community of the city and its foreign partners takes the responsibility to implement a project to restore the river ecosystem Zubra. Addressing the distinguished participants of the Conference relevant to this issue - we want to ask your support in this.


Thank you!


Tetiana Glushchenko , the project manager.