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President of the Foundation
"New Galicia"
V. Kopchun
October 5, 2011

In the framework of program "Cleaning of the River Zubra".

1. Carry out a preliminary environmental monitoring of the river Zubra and its sources. lighting the problem of river pollution  Zubra through the media. As part of the educational program "Education of adult population, as a key to sustainable development of society" to develop a mechanism for public involvement in environmental education and training. (October-December 2011.)

2. Create an operational headquarters for the organization and coordination of activities under the program. Synthesis of proposals for the formation documents, official complaints to local authorities. (January 2012)

3. Send a request to indicate his vision of cooperation and support of the program "Cleaning of the River Zubra» to:
- Lviv City Council;
- Lviv Regional Council;
- Lviv Regional State Administration;
- State Department of Environmental Protection in the Lviv region;
- State Environmental inspection in Lviv region;
- Lviv Regional Water Management;
- Lviv Oblast Sanitary and Epidemiological Station;
- Private (social) environmental organizations of Lviv region;
- Leaders at various levels of educational institutions of the city of Lviv. (January-February 2012)

4. Create a group of activists from among the members of the Foundation, schoolchildren, students and other members of the community. Involvement in this group of people who support the idea of the program "Clean River Zubra» and are ready to implement it. (February-March 2012)

5. Initiate an integrated Commission from among:
- Representatives of local authorities;
- Representatives of the public;
- Specialists in Ecology and Environmental Protection (Lviv Regional Department of Water Resources, the State Ecological Inspectorate of the Lviv region, State Department of Environmental    Protection in the Lviv region, the International Charitable Organization (EPL), "Environment-People-Law");
- Specialists in environmental issues and environmental protection;
- Specialists in architecture and amenities.
Creating the complex Commission is necessary for :
- A survey of the river bed and Zubra ee origins;
- Establishment of objective factors, sources of pollution of the river;
- Checking compliance with environmental legislation by business entities;
- Development of recommendations to address existing violations. (March 2012)

6. To familiarize with the program "Cleaning of the River Zubra" representative of the interests of the Foundation in Germany - the doctor of economic sciences, active public and political figure, Mr. Ivo Poluliakhov (Munich). Refer to Mr. Ivo Polulyakh to obtain a feasible means, specific advice and recommendations for effective implementation of the "Cleaning of the River Zubra". 
Ask Mr. Ivo Poluliakh be mediate with a view to assist in connect with:
- Bavarian Land Department of Environmental Protection;
- European Environment Agency;
- Other European environmental organizations (including community). (February-March 2012)

7. Prepare and send a letter of request to the address:
- Lviv City Council;
- Lviv Regional Water Management;
- National  Institute of Design "City Project".
Requests will be sent to obtain copies of Project:
- Land Management park area park Zubra;
-  Executive survey of engineering and communication networks Sihovskogo residential area of the city of Lviv.
This will help the  Commission to find a malfunction of rainwater and household sewage system, septic tanks and sewers. (February 2012)

8. Prepare and conduct round tables and seminars. Carry out sanitary work day for cleaning of the undergrowth of the river Zubra shoreline . (May 2012)

9. Develop a project smet documents set out coastal Protective river Zubra project smet documents on deepening the river channel to the border of village Zubra. Smet documents Includes :
Strengthening and streamlining the  shoreline of the river. 
- The construction of the bridge-dam.
- Creation the zone
health at the territory forest - Park «Zubra»
- Restore named in the past "Pioneer of the lake." (March-May 2012 year)

10. Promulgate the amount of funds collected for the financial support of the program "Cleaning of the River Zubra». Identify and approve a plan of implementation of priority activities in the event of insufficient funds. Determine the executor of work. Concluding an agreement. (June 2012)

11. Perform work in accordance with the design and estimate documentation (Section 9 of the Work Plan). (June-November 2012)

12. Develop a passport for river Zubra. (November-December 2012 year)

Program Manager "Cleaning of the River Zubra"
Tatiana Glushchenko